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  • Puppy Sleep Habits (The Complete Guide)

    Puppies require a lot of sleep despite their energy. How much rest do you get? up to eighteen hours every day! Puppies play in short energetic bursts and then nap a lot. As a dog owner, it’s critical that you take all the necessary steps to help your pet develop sound sleeping habits as they…

  • Outdoor Enrichment for Dogs: Top Reasons Your Dog Should Get Out More

    Dogs are not just pets; they are our loyal companions, and it’s our responsibility to ensure they have a happy and healthy life. One way to achieve this is by providing them with ample outdoor enrichment. The benefits of allowing your furry friend to spend more time outside are numerous, and in this article, we’ll…

  • What to Do When You Find a Lost Pet?

    To begin, use technology to your advantage. Search for lost and found animal sections on local websites. Look through the lost pet ads.

  • Welcome to the Bay Area’s Premier Urban Chic Pet Boutique

    Welcome to Wags & Whiskers Pet Boutique! We opened our doors in Oakland in September 2007 and expanded to Walnut Creek in May 2008.

  • Invisible Fence of Melbourne

    Invisible Fence of Melbourne Florida has come out with a new product line of automatic pet water systems and pet feeders for dogs.